Bunch Admission Test in 20 Universities Postponed

Due to the coronavirus, admission tests of 20 general and science and technology universities in the country have been postponed.

The decision was taken as not enough applications were submitted. On Friday, the vice-chancellors of the universities held a virtual meeting and decided to postpone the examination.

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Vice-Chancellor Farid Uddin Ahmed said the examination has been postponed. As well as the application time for admission has been extended.

Students will be able to apply till June 25. He said many students could not apply because of Corona. Only 3.5 lakh students have applied for admission.

The admission test was to be taken in three days from June 19 to the first week of July. The examination has been postponed due to insufficient submission of application.

According to the relevant sources, for the first time, 20 general and science and technology universities have taken initiative to take admission test based on clusters. Earlier, seven agricultural universities took cluster-based admission tests.

It may be mentioned that a total of three examinations will be held for 20 general and science and technology universities. One of these exams will be for science students. The second will be held for humanities and the third for students in business education.


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