Hobby Garden On The Roof of The House

We leave the village and live in the city to earn a living. In the midst of this improved life, our minds cried for a piece of greenery in the village. But the row upon row of high-rise buildings in the city, the green is not easy to see. You can garden on the balcony of a small flat or on the roof of the house. It may not be a dense green garden like a village, but you can plant many small trees. By doing so, the hunger of the soul will be satisfied, the hunger of the stomach will also be satisfied.

But vegetables and fruits can be easily cultivated on the roof of the house. Problems such as lack of space on the balcony, lack of adequate lighting and ventilation, etc., are not on the roof. With proper soil and care, the tree will grow quickly. Now it is difficult to find authentic things in the crowd of adulterants. In that case, if it is the fruit or vegetable of the tree planted by one’s own hand, that thought will no longer exist. Every day you will be able to make adulterated food.

Planting trees on ordinary soil and on the roof of the house is not the same thing. Some extra care has to be taken in case of planting trees on the roof. How much you want to plant depends on how much space you want to plant. If it is a big tree, the planting pot should also be big.
The advantage of planting trees in tubs is that they can be moved very easily. Plant trees in larger tubs than the usual tub size in the home. Then the yield will be good. In this case you can use a tub made of cement. Adequate organic fertilizer should be used. For a tub measuring 16-17 inches, mix 100 g TSP and 50 g MOP fertilizer well along with organic manure and leave it for 10-12 days. Before that but the tub cannot be filled.

Half-drum is a popular method of planting trees on the roof. In this case, a hole is made in the bottom of the half-drum and a piece of brick is placed at a height of one inch. One inch of organic manure or rotten dung should be given on it. As a result, excess water will never accumulate at the base of the tree. In addition to organic fertilizer, you can use 200 g TSP, 100 g MOP in each drum. In the case of vegetables or flowers, even if it is a small or medium tub, it works, but if it is a fruit tree, it is more useful if the pot is big.

The walls are 1.5 feet high on both sides of a 2 feet wide wall with 3 inch masonry net finishing cast in the middle. Permanent beds are made by filling with. Everything from large fruit trees can be planted here.

Do not plant too large trees on the roof. You can plant hybrid fruit trees to get more fruit from the tree. You can plant mango, guava, apple cool, quince, mango, lemon, pomegranate, papaya, olive, watermelon, sharifa etc. of Amrapali and Malika varieties. If there is no good quality tree but the fruit will not be good. So before buying a tree, you have to buy it. Different fruit cocoon pens, eye pens and pairs of pens are available in the nursery. You can collect such seedlings for planting on the roof. In case of vegetables and flowers, you can cultivate whatever you like.

I also want to take regular care after planting trees on the roof. Because if the plant does not get proper nutrition, the yield will not be good. Even trees can die. You need to know the exact time and amount of fertilizer. Drainage path should also be kept. Otherwise the tree may die due to freezing of water at the beginning. You also need to clean the trees regularly. The more you take care of it, the more beautiful the tree will become. This is all you can do for the peace of eyes and mind.


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