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Bunch Admission Test in 20 Universities Postponed

Due to the coronavirus, admission tests of 20 general and science and technology universities in the country have been postponed. The decision was taken as not enough applications were submitted. On Friday, the vice-chancellors of the universities held a virtual meeting and decided to postpone the examination. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Vice-Chancellor Farid […]

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May Day in The Context of Covid-19

Every year on May Day, the rights of working people, their deprivation, challenges, etc. come up for discussion. The issues of how much progress has been made from the past are also discussed. The general demands of the workers working in various fields and the demands of the special sector conditions are discussed. In those […]

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Corona Infection, Vaccine Politics and Current Reality

After coping with the first wave of corona, life in Bangladesh started to get a bit normal from September last year. In this situation, the World Health Organization urges the people to be aware of the preventive measures against corona infection such as wearing masks, avoiding public gatherings and maintaining cleanliness. Powerful nations such as […]

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Freedom of Expression Versus Media

When I see my face in the mirror, a different picture emerges! That picture is neither bright nor visually pleasing. This picture is very indifferent, incomplete, in some cases tainted, ugly. We are always vocal about democracy, saying yes to the question of freedom, but never giving dignity to the press or the real media. […]

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Digital Devices and Children of The Future

Technology, especially digital technology, has become an integral part of our lives in the 21st century. From the purchase of our daily necessities to the payment of electricity bills, from talking to loved ones to meetings and seminars, even the leisure that can be taken out of our busy lives, in many cases technology has […]

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Own Space Center: The Big Step is China

The name of the film is ‘Waterworld’ (Waterworld 1995). The whole world has been submerged in a natural disaster. Most people have died. Survivors have built a floating colony on the water. Fighting in such a catastrophic time but does not stop! As soon as the opportunity arose, one colony attacked another colony, snatching away […]

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Stanchart Program In 50 Years of Independence

In the 50 years of independence, Standard Chartered Bank has undertaken a number of activities. In this glorious moment, Standard Chartered thinks it is time for Bangladesh to reach new heights. Standard Chartered considers it an honor to be a partner in Bangladesh’s journey of progress and prosperity over the past 50 years. In a […]

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