Post a Mysterious Picture of Shakib On Facebook

In four hours, 2 lakh 10 thousand likes, 26 thousand comments, 5 thousand 100 shares have been made. Shakib Al Hasan says. And if that post is mysterious, then there is no point. Shakib means something new. New discussion. Old criticism. But Shakib is not one to give up. As the team has won in different situations, there have been discussions among the spectators in various ways.

World-class all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan recently uploaded a picture on Facebook, where he is seen jokingly eating a burger. And in the caption of the photo, he writes, ‘Everything I’ve been eating lately is fun! Why tell me? ’He asked the fans.

Shakib Al Hasan recently uploaded this picture on Facebook
Shakib Al Hasan recently uploaded this picture on Facebook
But has Shakib’s appetite increased after he became a father? Curiosity has increased among Shakib fans about the issue. Why did Shakib post this picture and throw questions? He did not disclose anything about that though. Shakib was repeatedly contacted on his mobile phone to know about this, but he did not pick up the phone. In a return SMS, he said, “Tell me everything when the time comes and keep an eye on Facebook.” But the fans did not seem to sleep. They themselves are going to Shakib’s page and making various speculative comments. Shakib is not saying anything in response to those who have commented!

The commenters wanted to know about the post by making various comments. Ahmed Zaman Shimul wrote in a comment, ‘New ad coming!’ ‘Because, you are Shakib. Whatever you eat is fun, whatever you eat is fun. ‘A man named Rifat Emil commented on the film. Rabiul Islam Jibon, a fan of Shakib Al Hasan, wrote, ‘You are the soul of Bangladesh, the soul of Bangladesh. And so whatever you eat, enjoy it. Keep going. ‘

This is what Sheikh Mohammad Shamim wrote. Arup Kumar Pal wrote in reply to the post, ‘That is the original baby of the tiger.’ A follower of Shakib Al Hasan named Gazi Mizanur Rahman wrote, ‘He is with his family on holiday + the arrival of junior Shakib Al Hasan; All in all, what is this! However, I would like to see him on the field in a red-green jersey soon, God willing. ‘Jewel Rana captioned it,’ What I’m saying lately is going viral. ‘ Moon. Sharmin Nahar writes, “Being the father of Polar seems to have increased the digestion of the stomach.”


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