School Closed Due to Corona, Which is Losing Children

All types of educational institutions have been closed for more than three months to prevent coronavirus infection in the country.

Recently, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that if the infection situation does not improve, the educational institutions will be closed till September.

But now the question is – what is the loss of students’ studies in this unusual break for a long time? How is their mental state?

Analysts say school closures are having the most negative impact on early childhood students.

They say that besides studying at this time, students also learn social skills. The role of school is important in this case.

City students are under house arrest because the school is closed. Ferdousi Rahman, a teacher at a primary school in Jessore’s Sharsha Upazila, said the long-term closure of the school could have a negative impact on children’s mental development.

Mentioning that the school yard is one of the places to learn socialization, he said that the school has various sports and cultural events. Children are being deprived of them as schools are closed.

Mass literacy campaign by researching the education system of Bangladesh. Rasheda K Chowdhury, executive director of the institute, said, “Apart from biblical studies, sports and friends have a place of great expectation in the educational institution.”

He said students learn social studies as well as primary school. Interacting with different students and teachers in the school, various sports and cultural activities help them to get acquainted with the society.


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