The Hand Gesture will Tell The Personality of The Partner

Love is the name of spending one’s whole life holding hands with the people of one’s choice. There is no fascination in true love. There is faith – respect for each other. Coming close to your partner, creating a different feeling in your heart, wanting to touch him are all manifestations of love.

It is very common to hold hands about every love. But many people do not know that the person’s personality can be understood only by the way they hold hands. E.g.

1. Touch every finger
If the man you love touches every finger of your hand and holds it tightly, then you must understand that your partner has a lot of ability to make the right decision and he is also determined.

2. Hold the finger tightly
If the partner is holding your finger tightly while walking holding your partner’s hand, then you must understand that the depth of your relationship is much greater. The good understanding between the two is also expressed in this manner.

3. Walking with the little finger
If the partner likes to walk with the little finger of your hand, then understand that he prefers to be independent enough even if he is in a relationship. In addition to respecting and trusting the partner, it also means that it is important to have personal boundaries.

4. Hold the wrist as well as the finger
If the loved one is holding your finger as well as holding the wrist with the other hand, then it means that your partner is very sensitive about the person you love. As a result, if someone looks at you differently, your partner is more likely not to take it well.

5. Just touch the finger
If the partner walks just by touching your finger, then that is not a good sign. Experts say that holding hands in this way means not paying much attention to the relationship.

. Don’t hold hands
Many people are accustomed to walking without holding hands even in love relationships. If so, it is understood that the partner is shy in nature. But sometimes it can happen that the partner is not serious about the relationship; That’s why he doesn’t hold hands. In that case, it can be understood in many uses of the partner.


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